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The German wording of the terms of conditions (“Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen”) is to be recognised as legally binding.

Summary of the Contract

1.)The contract is final and binding. The contract is rendered invalid if the passenger provides false or incorrect information for the purpose of entering into the contract. Airportliner is entitled to co-operate with other carriers on a subcontract basis for the purpose of meeting conditions of the contract.

Content of the Contract

2.)The service provided by Airportliner is as given by its description at the time of booking reservation. Airportliner is, however, at liberty to modify some aspects of the service providing the basic service agreed upon remains. The services provided are those described under the current guidelines. The prices apply for one single journey from a nominated collection address, and includes one item of baggage (suitcase), and one item of hand luggage per person.

2.1) Due to the requirement of all passengers to collectively register at the Airportliner desk, there may be a waiting time for up to 45 minutes upon registration before departure from Munich Airport. Early or delayed landings could produce longer waiting times before departure. The Shuttle service operates in accordance with prescribed flight times. The last daily return service from the Airport follows baggage retrieval after the last scheduled flight pertaining to that day. Except for such conditions, Airportliner are obliged to operate in accordance with scheduled landing times as expressly reserved by the passenger. The passengers is obliged to inform Airportliner of any change of circumstance relating to his / her travel itinery as soon as possible. Details of flight numbers changed at short notice are to be informed by the passenger. The passenger is also obliged to inform Airportliner as soon as any delayed flight times become known. Consequently, the passenger is also required to advise Airportliner of any revised approximate landing times. Airportliner requires this information to enable appropriate revision in travel capacity of the Shuttle departure from the Airport. Information can be relayed directly to the Airportliner office, or by calling the emergency mobile phone number provided. Failure to do so renders the contract null and void. Airportliner accepts no responsibility for delayed flight arrivals causing the passenger to miss the last daily Shuttle return from the Airport. In such an event, Airportliner may be able to negotiate a separate individual mode of transfer which could carry an extra charge.

2.2) Exceptional situations arising from, for example, industrial strikes, outbreak of war, civil unrest, extreme weather conditions / natural disasters and similar catastrophic events, regulations imposed by government authorities, etc, can cause longer waiting times or even cancellation of services to and from the airport.

2.3) Passenger collection times for the Shuttle service are to be determined exclusively by Airportliner. They can be affected by actual travel time required, traffic conditions, and circumstances created by individual Airline companies.

2.4) Each passenger is allowed one item of baggage (suitcase), and one item of hand luggage included in the fare price. Overweight and bulky baggage is subject to a further surcharge if a larger vehicle is required for its transportation. Details of current surcharge rates are found on the Airportliner price list. Excess baggage not declared at the time of travel reservation will only be carried in exceptional circumstances, and will be subject to an excess baggage surcharge. The rate of surcharge is determined by additional expenses incurred in the transportation of the excess baggage.

Passenger Fares

3) Fares are charged as prescribed by the latest published price list, and are payable in cash at the beginning of each journey. There may be an extra charge levied for journeys reserved later than 2pm the previous day.

Cancellations policy / refunds

4) Both parties are entitled to cancel booking reservations in accordance with statutory regulations.

In the case of a cancellation, there is no claim for a refund of the prepayment made. Cancellations can only be made in writing by mail to or in time by mail to airportLiner GmbH & Co. KG, Margaretenstraße 8, 93047 Regensburg.

In principle, cancellations with prepayment trigger a processing fee of at least 15%.

In the case of a cancellation of the passenger with individual bookings up to 48 hours before the start of the order, a flat rate of 50% of the agreed fare is generally to be paid.

If cancellation takes place up to 12 hours prior to the start of the order, a cancellation fee will be charged. 75% of the agreed fare is due.

In the event of a passenger’s failure to meet at the agreed time, the fare already paid will be withheld in full or the booked service must be paid in full.

The customer is free to prove that airportLiner GmbH & Co. KG suffered less damage. In the case of major events, the cancellation guidelines might be subject to a temporary adjustment. Please contact our team directly.

Free cancellation option

5) If you have opted for a free cancellation option for € 4 per trip, the following conditions apply in this case.

A “free cancellation” must be communicated airportLiner GmbH & Co. KG by telephone at least 16 hours before the planned journey, stating a valid reason. In the event of timely cancellation by telephone, the traveler will not incur any processing fees.

We will reimburse the trip costs immediately for journeys that have been paid for in advance. Without cancellation protection, the general cancellation conditions apply with the corresponding processing fees.

Meeting Point at the Airport

6) The agreed meeting point for departure at is the Airportliner desk, located inside the airport. The passenger is solely responsible for notification of any failure to arrive at the airport meeting point. If the passenger fails to register his arrival at the Airportliner desk, or fails to give notification thereof, the fare is still deemed payable in its entirety. In such an event, the passenger has the legal right, however, to prove that the actual loss suffered by Airportliner is less than the agreed fare of travel.

Behavior in the vehicle

7) There is no smoking in the vehicle. airportLiner has a claim against the costumer for replacement of the costs and expenses necessary for the removal of damage and contamination that passengers are causing to the vehicle.


8) Airportliner is subject to legal liability limited to normal duty of care provided by that of a commercial business for the purpose of preparing for and the execution of the passenger carriage. Airportliner provides Third Party insurance cover in accordance with statutory legislation. In the event of the insurance company being not legally obliged to compensate Third Party damage claims, Airportliner is subject to limited liability amounting to the value of three times the total passenger fare applicable to that journey. Airportliner accepts liability in the case of that legally recognised as gross negligence. Airportliner can only accept liability as to what is legally recognised as negligent in the case of breach or default of contractual duty. The passenger is solely responsible for booking the correct departure time with Airportliner for the express purpose of arriving on time for his / her scheduled flight departure. The passenger should be aware that it is advisable to check-in for flight departure as follows: within Schengen territories: not less than 60 minutes before scheduled departure; to other territories: not less than 120 minutes, or as otherwise advised specifically by the Airline company responsible. In the event of any disruption caused on the Airportliner journey, the passenger is obliged to avoid and / or minimise circumstantial damages. In the event of any passenger dissatisfaction with the performance of the Airportliner service, he / she is obliged to submit details of his / her complaint in writing within 14 days of the incident in question.


9) Invalidity of any of the above individual clauses does not affect the validity of the contract as a whole. Statutory law comes into regulation as a result of any of the aforementioned clauses being deemed invalid.

Validity from February 2021

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