About the company airportLiner

Since 1984 the company owned by family Ammelounx has been known for an experienced first class, reliable and efficient transfer service. In 2004 the idea „from your home direct to terminal” as environmental friendly transfer from Regensburg to Munich Airport was created.

Today we transport around 100.000 passengers punctually, comfortably and at a reasonable price. We run your service with Mercedes Benz vehicles (coaches model Sprinter, vans model V, Iimousines model E and S) to your desired destination.
We also expanded our business model to „from A to B transportation“, where you can be chauffeured on first class Ievel to your desired destination all of Europe.

Each day we arrange around 48 efficient rides, where aII customer needs and requests are combined and complied. In 2004 this model was named „airportLiner“, which has been known as a brand name beyond region since now. „airportLiner“ with its head office in Regensburg evolved within 16 years to a medium-sized company. This is due to your highly motivated, multi-langual team in customer service and with over 150 Chauffeurs, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

You will reach a competent advisor on the phone all day Iong.

We got an excellent reputation through our high quality standard. This standard is certificated within quality management system ISO 9001:2015 in yearly audits.

Since 2005 we run „Lufthansa Express Shuttle” with high quality product standards of Lufthansa Group. This high service Ievel focus is really appreciated by our business partners as weII as private customers and value is shown in nearly 100% recommendation rate.

Our chauffeurs are performing with pleasure and high motivation to guarantee this high Ievel of service.

Our mission:

„Combination of individual customer requests with ecological, economical intelligent solutions and modern technologies.”

airportLiner GmbH & Co. KG
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  Hotline +49 (0)941 22 22 0
  Hotline +49 (0)941 22 22 0